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£6,000 +VAT (only one available)

This is offered as exclusive branding of HOSPACE 2020 and offers extensive high profile presence as the first thing that is seen by delegates when registering for the virtual and live event.

For the live event :
Banners/posters/video screens can be used pre-agreed by the HOSPA event team.

For the virtual event :
Branding on registration correspondence as follows :

One x register email
Two x reminder emails
One x event started with prompt to login email

Branding on registration page for online delegates

Branding on the 2D registration welcome desk lobby whenever it appears before the event starts, to include the main entrance lobby, within the tailored help-desk.

Virtual exhibitor booth in high profile lobby area. Delegates will be able to click the booth to gain access to a bio page which will include interactive facilities including live chats and the ability to schedule meetings. In addition videos explaining the sponsor’s product, relevant resources, marketing material and links/contact info. This will stay live for three days.

Three delegate passes are included in the package, with a minimum of two passes to the live event.
Live event delegates will get the unique opportunity to interact with the panel and see the live production in action with multiple live displays in the venue showing what the remote viewers are seeing.

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